Studio Seis is neither a mayfly nor a do-it-all-unicorn. Studio Seis is an elephant in the porcelain shop. He abandoned his clumsiness long ago and only rocks you fully aware and purposely. He loves the collaboration, the collective, the network – and the freedom to try something new. He created a space where the work for and with our clients is done together rather than alone. In this space, 6 creatives of diverse disciplines take ideas and play ping-pong with them. Be it a singles, doubles or an all together-match – as a flexible team we adjust to any situation. And for the big tournaments we take a dive in our infinity-pool of contacts, who perfectly complement our team.



The Studio

The part with the “porcelain shop” wasn’t a metaphor. There’s actually an extraordinary amount of tableware here. In our studio-showroom you’ll also find many other neat things like prints, books, shirts, and much more. But also a lot of room for work spaces, exhibitions, workshops, events, and whatever one can imagine. There are no limits, really – which is well proven by the previous usage as an erotic photography studio. Artists and creatives of all kinds can use the studio to create and display their creations. And to participate in our Nintendo Switch tournaments. We need new challenges.